CCABC History

Cedar Creek High School opened its doors in August 2010, and as we begin our fifth year, we are making great strides to create a school which will make our community proud. 

CCABC was able to fund over $30,000 in needed items in the 2013-14 school year, and the total financial assistance we’ve provided since 2010 is over $126,000. 

Items we’ve funded since school inception include, but are not limited to:

Thirty-five (35) Scholarships to Graduating Senior Athletes; Varsity Letter Jackets and Banquet Expenses; Baseball Press Box Sign, Pitching Machines and Mounds and Blue Cedar Creek windscreen in Outfield; Athletic Training Knee/Ankle Braces and other Protective Equipment for Athletes; Hallway Art Décor along Fieldhouse Main Athletic Hall (to be installed this summer); Flooring for Outdoor Weight Room at CCHS and Infinity Rigs for both CCMS and CCHS; Flags and Spirit items for CCHS Blue Cru and Funding Assistance for School Dances; New Uniforms and Accessories for Girls Drill Team; Cedar Creek Eagle Customized Tent w/ Sides for general purpose use; Indoor Concession Stand Cabinets and Remodeling; Inflatable Tunnel and Helmet at Football Games, Pep Rallies and other Events; IPAQ, Volleyball Attack Machine and Tournament Funds for the Volleyball team; Motivational Displays and Pictures for Athlete Recognition; Run-Through Sign Poles, Gymnastics Mats, Jackets, Poms for the Cheerleaders; Field Cover, Press Box Sign, Pitching Machine, Gator and Camera Equipment for Softball team; Shooting equipment (“The Gun”), Cameras, Tablets/Stat ware, Tourney Expenses for Girls/Boys Basketball; Outdoor Team Shelters, Software, Sweat Suits and Play-off T-shirts for Girls/Boys Soccer teams; Travel, Tournament and/or Meals Funds for all Traveling Teams; Breakfasts and Lunches for Teachers and for the Math TAKS Tutorials; Funding for Coaches Clinics and Athletic Trainer Certifications.

We have also had a lot of fun supporting the students at games, decorating for parades, running concessions, attending peprallies and sponsoring dances.  


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